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Moving to Anchorage?

Experience the outdoors in an urban setting
Anchorage is a place where adventure and modern life go hand-in-hand. You can go ice climbing before work and skiing on one of the hundreds of groomed trails during your lunch hour. Then sit down to a meal at a world-class restaurant and cap the evening off with a Broadway show. Alaska’s largest city offers all the conveniences of urban life without compromising on solitude, adventure, and open spaces. Now that’s life.

Alaska's commercial hub
In Anchorage, people not only play hard, but they work hard too. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and strong. That translates into plenty of opportunity for everyone. Anchorage may be considered a small city in numbers of people, but it is a big economic contender in the cargo, transportation, and oil industries. Nearly 20 years of uninterrupted growth have brought abundant jobs in construction, healthcare, oil and retail. Because Anchorage has a vested interest in both developing young minds and retaining seasoned veterans, you’re bound to find a place just right for you.

Winter wonderland and spectacular summers
When it comes to the weather, is it a city of ice and darkness? No! Winters aren’t as bad as myth would have it. Anchorage actually has a warmer climate than other cold-weather cities like Chicago and Minneapolis because it’s on the ocean. With an ice skating rink in the heart of the city and groomed ski trails readily accessible, winter is a wonderland, especially for kids. Summers speak for themselves. Fishing, hiking, biking, swimming, scenic driving, and abundant wildlife… what better place to live and raise a family!

The best of all worlds
Bottom line, life in Anchorage is easy and simple. The wild-at-heart have the freedom to explore, while those who like to stick close to home can enjoy the conveniences of urban life. It’s a place where adventure and sophistication live in perfect harmony, a destination that offers the best of all worlds.

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